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One Thousand Words
han hyo-joo face!
Disclaimer:Brothers of the Head belongs to Brian W. Aldiss. I am not profiting financially from this piece of fanfiction, nor do I intend to. Anything related to the film belongs to the filmmakers and Brian Aldiss respectfully - the idea for this piece of work, however, is my own.

On the cover of The Noize album, Chris Dervish – the centre of the photograph, obviously, as he was the lead singer, rested his forearm over Paul’s shoulder. Everyone in the picture was close in order to fit in the small space provided, but Paul and Chris were standing in such a way that it seemed that as soon as the flash went off, Chris would pull his arm away and push his slender fingers through Paul’s hair, touch his cheek, stroke his hand over the back of Paul’s neck...

He was very thin – swimming, somehow elegantly, in the clothes he had on. It wasn’t like Paul in the jacket that was slightly too big for him... it was that Chris Dervish was scarecrow-like. All bones and hard angles.

And the main thing – Paul was almost turned into Chris, or leaning towards him. Like he had been facing him before he had to face the camera.

Barry chewed on his lower lip as he stared. He could imagine what would have happened once the camera was put away... Tubs and the bassist – what was his name again? - would pull away from Paul and Chris Dervish and Chris would hop down from whatever he was standing on – maybe part of the tree – and when he turned to Paul, they would be very close. Almost touching. Their clothes might brush, and Chris might smile that almost-deranged smile Barry had seen in other pictures... like that one newspaper clipping on the day they’d pulled Chris’s car out of the Reservoir. Happiness bordering on snapping – screaming. Desperate, uncontainable anger.

Barry knew, because he had felt that before.

He reached out, tentative fingers and touched the cover, just with his fingertips. Paul’s jacket...

“Ready, boys?”

Barry’s pulled his hand away lightning fast as Paul came into the rehearsal room and Tom leaned away from him to pull his guitar strap on over his head, and both of them stood.

Barry didn’t even realise he was staring at Paul until Paul glanced at him and smiled. He wondered what it had been about Chris that he, Baz, didn’t have, to capture Paul’s attention.


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